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3/4 of ram cashed, out of memory?

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I decided to turn off my virtual memory because I have never seen myself go over 4gb of ram and so the page file seemed pointless. Well, since I have done that, I have constantly been getting the message that I have run out of memory.

In the device manager it is saying 3gb of my 4gb of ram is cashed and I do not have any free ram. Does this mean, my OS has put away that ram for programs I will likely use? I turn off my computer daily.

Any info would be nice, thanks!

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Unfortunately it's not as simple as that.

In a system with virtual memory service, like Windows, applications make use of a kind of memory allocation which uses the virtual memory system (this also happens in some systems code, services - non application stuff).

The point is, when the pagefile is disabled, the only solution for Windows to operate is to put what WAS actually virtual RAM into real RAM - consuming all available resources.

It may not seem intuitive that RAM might be allocated that isn't used, but in essence that's happening. Virtual memory can be allocated without being COMMITTED, meaning it's reserved for use but hasn't been used yet (and MIGHT never, or seldom used).

Without knowing the exact nature of the applications you're using (and how they're written, which is nearly impossible with casual research), I can't advise what you might be able to do about this, however - there's less wisdom in removing a pagefile that it seems. Unless you know you're configuring Windows for that usage, equip it with sufficient RAM, and know you can limit the applications to a specific set (like, say, a mobile phone with restricted features, or some "black box" installation on a thin client) - it's not practical to disable the paging file, IMO.
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One word:


Just turn the PF back on.
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