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the mod is correct.. if you are not seeing results with pencil mod:


1. first confirm your on the right resistor.. 

2. clean off the mod, and use a different type of pencil.. some "lead" types do not work well/at all.

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The pencils i used were both a 2B sketching pencil and a 5B sketching pencil I get a resistance of 1k Ohm fro FB to Ground and this does not decrease when I apply the pencil.
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I did find a software tool to adjust the gpu voltage but wanted to try the pencil mod too see if the resistor mod would be worth it. The tool dose not support my card directly and reports weird voltages on screen and has to be measureed with a voltmeter
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thats not the correct resistance or resistor for mod.. its no wonder there are no results. doh.gif


*initial resistance should be around 4.8k

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could you direct me to the correct resistor , please
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you need to trace this pin to the resistor its linked to ..



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I may be doin good on software Overvolting but i cant get past 950MHz Not sure wether I hit the IMax or what will have to measure vGPU to see if it drops to nill durring crash...
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If it crashes at 950 than you have hit the imax yes.
Whitout the voltmod and ocp mod you can get it stable up to 925 mhz.
So that means i think you have reached the max of a pencil mod.
After i modded ocp i got better results.
I hit over 1000 mhz.
Software modding is as far i knew at that time is not possible.
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OC guru has defiantely increased my voltage it just gives an incorrect reading on screen not sure if my results are skewed on the volt meter im getting 1.209 loaded before i use OC Guru but i managed to get it to 950Mhz and the volt meter is reading approxx 1.401 with OC guru slider about half way. Ok so if i find voltage drop on crash that is Imax. If i trace the Imax pin on up6213 i trace it to ground? and if i find a resistor I can pencil that?
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Pencil mod is not for 24 gaming i think.
After a while its working less, or not at all.
So how do you know when it crashes you still have the correct vallues.
I think you can best try to learn how to soldier on a old card or board.
You can do a good precision soldier, when you use isolation tape to cover the soldier points.
The voltage you reached is good , and 1.4 is high without the ocp (mine stopped at 1.35).
You are doing it the correct way, but for a stable overclock you shoot do a hardware mod.
If you know the reading point of the ocp, you have to messure the resistance to ground.
Than you have to get sure that somehow the avarage voltage of the ocp drops.
You can change this by increase or degrease the resistance.
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