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I'm stable as far as I don't get a blue screen while booting Windows or while gaming. When I had it at 3.6ghz, I seemed to need at least 1.120 to avoid getting a blue screen while gaming or regular crashes while gaming. I do quickly go beyond the 80cs when doing Prime and OCCT. I just did a test and reached 86c on Core #3 before the minute was up. I used to always have Core #0 as the hottest, but it's been backwards ever since re-installing the heatsink. Also, I have gone as high as 1.14 on the vcore, but I still get that overclocking failed message after changing the setting.
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I never could get the OCZ Reaper above 3.4Ghz, don't think it is possible to be stable above that. I gave up on that memory.

Unfortunately, your stock cooler can't run OCCT long enough to test stability. Your voltage settings are strangely low for a Q9550 and I have never had that generate an "overclocking" failed message. You will need to upgrade your cooler to adequately test stability unfortunately.

I think you will have to go back to 4Gb with that memory and maybe that will work, 8Gb I don't think works with that memory fully stable at anything above stock speeds. If that. Forgot which color of memory slots are best for overclocking, it is in the manual.

You could tweak your memory voltage, I think the limit is 2.0v? I had mine set at 1.9v I think. Manually enter the timings, could be 5,5,5,18 from my admittedly faulty memory.

Move back to 4Gb of memory otherwise, no chance at overclocking at 8Gb with this memory from my experience.
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After my last post I decided to change the voltage to 1.4 to see if the error message would come up again and my PC didn't even shut off and booted without an error message. I then lowered my temp back down to its current 1.156 and also experimented with changing the bus speed, and there was still no error message after saving settings. Not sure why it stopped coming up as I didn't change anything.

I've had the DRAM voltage set to 1.8 and haven't changed that. I have all the timings set to auto because I'm not sure what they are. Also, I just bought the extra OCZ Reaper 4GB a few months ago. My first two sticks were gold and the ones I recently bought are silver.Previously I was doing 3.8 without much problems on my Sunbeam, but I felt the temps were a little high so I lowered it to 3.6. Currently on my stock fan the temps are going mid to upper 50cs while idle and gaming is mid 60cs to lower 70cs.
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I'm running a Zalman, with a single 110mm fan if i remember correctly.


I'm running 3.4GHz with the same setup and RAM. My temps are 70 under testing full load only. Even the most demanding games will barely get into upper 50s while gaming. This cooler will not get in the way of your RAM. I have the old heat pipe AND the new heatpipe design (a pair of each). Plenty of room for it all, no need to take off the cooler to swap RAM either. I used to run 3.8 with barely higher temps so it's more than enough for the job. It also fits in my mid-size Antec Three Hundred Case, which, interesting note, came with a fan that spins in the opposite direction despite the same airflow direction as the cpu cooler and made a bunch of wind noise. Anyway, get a ZALMAN, get THAT one really. Get some nice thermal paste even though it does come with some. The copper looks awesome on the P5Q, really goes with all the board's similar copper coolers.
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Is the Zalman better than the Hyper 212 Evo? I'd prefer the one with lower temps and one that will definitely fit with all 4 sticks of RAM installed;; the looks don't matter much to me. A less difficult installation than my Sunbeam was would be nice too. I've looked at the dimensions of all three.. The 212 Evo heatsink is 120 x 80 x 159 mm and my Sunbeam heatsink is 125(L) x 104(W) x 155(H) mm. The Zalman's heatsink is 90 x 124 x 142mm. So the Evo is quite a bit smaller in width than both and the Zalman is significantly wider but also significantly lower in length than both..

And how important is it to get better thermal paste and not just use the included or pre-applied thermal paste? I still have some TX-2 Tuniq thermal paste that came with my Sunbeam. Not sure if that would be better than the included ones or not. It does have a 5 star rating on newegg.
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Should be good on the paste, it is more about the application instead.

Just google the memory from OCZ and you can find the memory settings. Still auto should be fine other than the voltage.

Of course, you need to be running the latest bios from ASUS.

Zalman has worked great for me.
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Solved. It was caused by a bad memory module, but it also took a chkdsk to boot properly after the memory issue was fixed.
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Glad you figured it out. Newegg ratings are usually pretty accurate if you avoid most of the flaming from DOA reviews and the like, but if those add up to be a lot it's also something to consider.

Those coolers all have their advantages, while i can't say anything about the temps on most i know the Zalman handles plenty of voltage to get at least 3.8GHz with the OCZ ram. And i know any and all ram will fit with it because it does not cross into that part of the mobo at all. It's not too tall to fit in any standard mid-size case. I will say the fan is the loudest (apart from gpu under load) because it's a bit smaller. Something with bigger fans, or interchangeable 120mm fans would give you more options for airflow if you want to get the temps way down or the sound way down or some compromise b/t the two. However a push/pull setup on a big heat sink is probably going to get close to the ram.

I never see even 60 degrees on any core with the hardest core games and programs, only memory test programs like memtest and linx will get up to 75 but not any worse. I have OK air flow but use all scythe 12db (low air flow) fans on the case and it's packed to capacity with hdds so even good airflow is pretty hot. My Q9550 is polished however, my friend did this and used it for a while before upgrading and passing the savings to me. This might help my heat but it's probably negligible if you get good paste and DO IT RIGHT. Lots of opinions on that but i like to squeeze a dab from the middle out with the heat sink itself, no spreading or uneven surfaces to trap air, just gotta get the amount right on that one.

Happy overclocking! -John-
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I found that changing the RAM settings has allowed me to post while overclocked with 8GB of OCZ Reaper RAM. I first tried the settings recommended by n7 here http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=237145 and they worked, so I lowered most of the values by 1 as recommended (except for the 5 - 5 - 5 timings which I kept the same, and lowered DRAM RAS# Activate to Precharge from 18 to 15, and Common Performance Level from 12 to 10, I tried 9 but I couldn't post) and these are what I'm using now that also works:

CPU Ratio 8.5
FSB 460
PCIE Frequency 100
FSB Strap: Auto
DRAM Frequency 921

1st Information:
CAS# Latency: 5
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay: 5
DRAM RAS# Precharge: 5
DRAM RAS# Activate to Precharge: 15
RAS# to RAS# Delay : 3
Row Refresh Cycle Time: 60
Read to Precharge Time: 3

2nd Information :
READ to WRITE Delay (S/D): 8
Write to Read Delay (S): 3
WRITE to READ Delay (D): 5
READ to READ Delay (S): 4
READ to READ Delay (D): 6
WRITE to WRITE Delay (S): 4
WRITE to WRITE Delay (D): 6

3rd Information :
WRITE to PRE Delay: 14
READ to PRE Delay: 5
PRE to PRE Delay: 1
ALL PRE to ACT Delay: 6
ALL PRE to REF Delay: 6

DRAM Static Read Control: Disabled
DRAM Read Training: Disabled
MEM. OC Charger: Enabled
AI Clock Twister: Lighter
AI Transaction Booster: Manual
Common Performance Level: 10
All Pull-Ins: Disabled

CPU Voltage: 1.281
CPU GTL Voltage Reference (0/2): AUTO
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.6
FSB Termination Voltage: 1.3
DRAM Voltage: 2.02
NB Voltage: 1.3
NB GTL Reference: AUTO
SBridge Voltage: 1.1

Prior to manually inputting the suggested RAM settings, I wasn't able to post while overclocked anywhere above the high 390s with 8GB of OCZ RAM. Now with these RAM settings, I post every time regardless of FSB even with the 8GB of OCZ RAM. Earlier I was testing just using 4GB OCZ RAM, and that would post with any FSB I tried (I haven't tried above 471) without needing to input the above RAM settings.

I installed a Hyper 212 EVO and I found it to be a much better fit than the Sunbeam cooler, although it was still extremely difficult to install. At idle on stock speed with the 212 Evo, core 0 and 1 are mid 40cs. Core 2 and 3 are low 40cs. With my stock fan and CPU at stock speed, the idle temps were mid to high 50cs. The Sunbeam Cooler at stock was getting high 40cs to mid 50cs at idle. Also, when I had the stock cooler on, it was core 2 and 3 that were hotter than 0 and 1, but with the Sunbeam and EVO, it's core 0 and 1 that are hotter.

When gaming at stock speed with the EVO, core 0 and 1 are high 40cs and core 2 and 3 are mid 40cs. When gaming at 3.9 with with 1.281 vcore on the EVO, core 0 and 1 are in the low 50cs to mid 50cs and core 2 and 3 are low 50cs. Gaming on stock speed with Sunbeam would be in the mid 50cs on core 0 and 1 and the low 50cs on core 2 and 3. Gaming at 3.75 on 1.28vcore with the Sunbeam would be be in the mid to high 60cs. So, the EVO is doing significantly better than both.

I used the included Coolermaster thermal paste on Evo, placing one horizontal line the length of a piece of rice across the middle of the CPU, and let the heatsink do the spreading. And I installed it using a pull config, with the air blowing out the rear of the Antec 900. My Sunbeam was blowing up through the top also with pull. So these are good temps for the EVO?
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Awesome work tracking this configuration down!

Your temps are good, so with OCCT Linpack should be around mid to upper 70s as a guess. Maybe a little higher for Winprime.
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