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Boot Menu Key depends on Model. Below are the Boots Menu Keys for Asus Laptop, Notebook and Desktops

Desktop F9
VivoBook f200ca, f202e, q200e, s200e, s400ca,
s500ca, u38n, v500ca, v550ca, v551, x200ca,
x202e, x550ca, z202e Delete

N550JV, N750JV, N550LF, Rog g750jh,
Rog g750jw, Rog g750jx F2

Zenbook Infinity ux301, Infinity ux301la,
Prime ux31a, Prime ux32vd, R509C, Taichi 21, F2
Touch u500vz, Transformer Book TX300

Eee PC 1015, 1025c F2

Content from - http://supportforasus.iyogi.com/boot-menu.html
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If your using Windows 8.0, 8.1, 8.0 Pro, 8.1 Pro, 8.x RT the pause time between the post and the bootstrap hook is too quick to get into the F8 Safe mode window, you have to enter safe mode from a Booted system and do it at the desktop. Here is how

****************** Begin ****************
Windows Startup Settings (including safe mode)
Applies to Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1

With the Windows Startup Settings screen (formerly advanced boot options) you can start Windows in different advanced troubleshooting modes so you can find and fix problems on your PC. In previous versions of Windows, you could get to this screen by pressing F8 before Windows started up. Windows 8 PCs start up quickly so there's not enough time to press F8.

There are two ways to get to the Windows Startup Settings screen in Windows 8 :

If you're not signed in to Windows, tap or click the power icon Power icon from the sign-in screen, hold Shift, and then tap or click Restart

Or, if you're already signed in:

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings.
(If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings.)

Under PC settings, tap or click General.

Under Advanced startup, tap or click Restart now.

On the Choose an option screen, tap or click Troubleshoot.

Tap or click Startup Settings.

Tap or click Restart.

On the Startup Settings screen, choose the startup setting you want.

Sign in to your PC with a user account that has administrator rights.

Some options, such as safe mode, start Windows in a limited state where only essential programs are started. Other options start Windows with advanced features (typically used by system admins and IT professionals). For more info, go to the Microsoft website for IT professionals.
Show all
Debugging Mode
Enable Boot Logging
Enable low-resolution video (640×480)
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Disable driver signature enforcement
Disable early launch antimalware protection
Disable automatic restart after failure
Directory Services Restore Mode

If you're using BitLocker on a tablet or Windows RT device, you'll need to suspend BitLocker before you can get to Windows Startup Settings.

*************** End **************

This has worked for me many times, the only drawback is if your BSOD'ng and can not get to the desktop.
Some say pressing Shift + F8 will do it
Others say repeated boots will eventually clear the blue screen long enough to get to a non safe mode desktop then follow the directions above to restart in safemode

Hope this helps
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I have Asus Rog G750JZ. It runs on win 8.1 and is 64bits. I have NO access to windows or the safemode. This is what happen.

This morning I pushed start up button on my notebook. The screen open black. I have access with F2 to BIOS. But using the F9 (as instructed in that small user manual, which came with the computer) - NOTHING happens. Some people insist it is F8 to use but I have really tried that one too and many other options found by Googling things. The light for the system works brightly now and then, not fast. I have had no indication about troubles as messages. I think there may have been some update recently. I did install razor coms yesterday - and had a screen about something to do with some kind of graphics thing - but not from my nvidia card. I closed that cause I was busy. How ever - until last night and closing (or forgetting it open) when I went to sleep the computer worked like a dream. And now no access even to password page. Only bios via F2.

Pls do not tell me google things I spend full day trying to do that and testing different solutions. I am now on my old computer - but this one really does not even have access to all the things I would need to access to.

I am not enough computer talk understanding person to really even know what bios is. I was given the link to this thread from someone in a game clan. Part of the problem also is that I can not just go to where I bought the computer - because I have moved from country to another in between now and when it was purchased. I wont be going back in time for to be there before the warranty becomes old - its too expensive to travel several times a year. The computer came with windows installed on it originally so I do not have discs for that. I DO NOT want to loose my things in the memory. And in this country - my computer which is partly english-partly Finnish are both foreign languages - so it will be hard to find anyone help me here.

Some one told to install win 10. I haven't dared to do that for two reasons - I don't want the computer - a laptop - to slow down and I have blug-in on my win 8.1 to ope on destop with similar windows button on screen down left than in previous versions. I really hate the tablet look of normal win 8.1 - and I do not know if win 10 would force me to use such style... cause then I would not find any crap from it. Besides - I dont have access just like that to win 10 to install it - given that I dont have access to get it from web with that computer (would still be free to get it with that) but not as CD from some store I suppose.

So what on earth can I do? (I am already such panic...I dont have words much left.)

I know the post is old, but if someone has some help - pls - and make it easy to get by someone who does not really much understand the computer related words.
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