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865GV or 915GV?

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As i posted earlier, my sister and her husband fried out their system (an eMachines 4 years old ), my guess is heat, since they keep it in desk cubby and it has NO fans other than HSF. Oh, and when I told him today it was dead for sure, and it was likely heat related, he told me they sometimes pile old phonebooks inside the cubby with the compy

So, I gave him a hopefully he'll listen

ANYWAY, I agreed to get them back up and running (I know, stupid).......

I will likely be mating this board with a 2.8Ghz 511 Prescott 533Mhz FSB to keep them on budget. I do want to give them some upgradibility and future-proofing, and ideally I would just get a P5LD2-VM but that MIGHT be a bit over budget, so I'm lining up backup choices. This system will do heavy internet surfing, multi-tasking, and some DVD/CD burning.......

My old 478 board used the 865 chipset and I liked it. IIRC, the 915 is just a hacked 945 right? Is it worth it?

Just figured I'd get some feedback on it........
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had the 865PE and have a 915P.

I didn't see that much in difference in performance for both chipsets. But I'd say the 915P would be just a tad better.

As for heavy internet using, multi-tasking and dvd-burning, I think it'd be better to go with a 520 because for that you do want HT and 800mhz fsb.

I've had P4s w/o HTT @ 533mhz fsb and didn't like the way it perform with dvd-burning and multi-tasking. Get a cheap P4 520 on ebay.
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Yeah, ideally......although a 630 is actually cheaper on Newegg and has a bigger L2.......but again, budget

Besides, they were doing all those functions with this ancient 400Mhz Celeron up until last week when it died.......so a 533 Prescott would still be a noticable improvement

I may wiggle with the CPU a bit after I am solid on a board........but I am thinking it would be best to get the P5LD2 which is supposed to support 533/800/1066 and runs DDR2. So it will take the 511 and if they feel they need more power later, that leaves lots of upgrade room without buying a whole new system.
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