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Corsair ram, Intel CPU, on a Asus X58 Board

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Hey guys it's me again. I finally got my i7-930 on my P6X58D Premium Mobo Overclocked to 4.0Ghz (That's Right a first timer got a 48% with little problems). Well my problem is that I have 12GB (2X6GB kits) of CMX6GX3M3A2000C9(Corsair XMS DDR3 2000 C9(9-9-9-24) and cannot use XMP profiles because of it. So I am Trying to get the fastest speeds with the tightest timings without having to change my CPU clock much more (I can go more seeing that I'm only at 68c on full load (that's with 6 hours of prime95 torture testing and If it gets any higher then my TEC part of my cooler will kick in). So if anyone can tell me what speed and timings(and since I'm a noob at overclocking can you please let me know which settings in the DRAM Timings i need to change because there are like 30 of them in there and I can't find which ones to set anywhere) Also can you let me know what my QPI/DRAM Voltage should be set at to obtain that speed/timings. Thanks guys and let me know if you need anymore info as to what I have in my settings now.
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Please list your bios settings.. Cant help you without seeing any info hehe
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Yes lawrencendlw, the bios template for the 920 was just an example to get you an idea which settings need to be modified and around what values. Every chip is different, then there's other components that come into play

You got it 4ghz, which is where you wanted, and now you want to increase your RAM speed.

You could run your RAM at around 1900mhz. Considering your model of RAM is rated at CL9-2000, I'm not sure you will be able to do CL8@1900, it also has something to do with the CPU's memory controller. So if you won't manage to run at 1900, it might be your CPU not being able to.

For running higher speeds you need to change the DRAM frequency. Then lower you timings. There are sever timing settings in the bios but I suggest you leave most of them alone, and just change the CL, trcd, trp and tras. So for around 1900mhz I would suggest CL8, and if that doesn't work try CL9. DRAM voltage should be around 1.65v

Change DRAM frequency:

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And to change timings:

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