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Originally Posted by ENTERPRISE1701
Well i have this motherboard as you know with the most cureent bios being the V1.4 and i have no problems at all . I f your overclocked then its not stable and you may want to find a new stable overclock for yourself also make sure its not a driver issue get the newest ones also re-install them but alos make sure your Cpu isnt getting to hot.

Thnx for your reaction, but overclocking is not the case.
I mean if I had overclocked my computer, I would have known what the issue was, but I haven`t overclocked it at all.
I`m using the latest drivers wich are available.
I`m thinkig more and more of a conflict between my mobo and my videocard....

These are my updated system specs:

Mobo: ASROCK P4-880Dual PRO (Bios V1.4)
CPU: Intel P4 533MhZ (standard cooling)
Memory: 2x Corsair 512Mb (non-ecc)
VGA: Sapphire ATI X800GTO PCI-e 256mb (with Catalyst 6.2, with standard cooling and not beeing overclocked)
Sound: SB Audigy 2 with the latest drivers
HDD: Maxtor 80 GB IDE 133 (my other drive has crashed )
PSU: Q-Tec 400Watts
Monitor: Samsung TFT Syncmaster 730BF
DirectX: 9c
OS: Win XP SP2
Desktop: Logitech LX 700 Mouse and Keyboard.

Well I hope somebody can help me out here,