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Well just in case it was my PSU frying the cards, I'm not going to push this one TOO hard and I definitely wont be anywhere near max "Safe" voltage until I get the new (Tested) PSU in there.
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What PSU are you going to buy?
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This one. I currently have this one but when I tested it, it failed the test so I called ABS and they setup a RMA with Newegg (My guess is that they outsource their RMA's to Newegg as they are the principle retailer of their products). So that morning I called Newegg and asked them if they would cross ship and they said no that they can't because of ABS' RMA policy but what they could do was refund me for the PSU since I bought it from them. So I'm getting a refund of about $155. With the promo code, the 1100w PSU comes to $143.99 so it fits the billet of being cheaper and of good quality. In fact my original PSU was 1000w and 80+ Bronze and the new one I want to get it 1100w and 80+ gold so that gives me more head room to upgrade as I choose.
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Yup and its gold so go for it what clocks do you have on the 480?
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870/1740/1950 @ 1.138v ( I need to go a little less until I get the other one but I'm testing it on the new GPU3 WU's. It doesn't seem to effect my PPD as it does with the other WU's. I'm still close 18k PPD while doing a Project: 6800 (Run 3165, Clone 2, Gen 0) or the 1298 point WU's. I heard a ton of people that are having PPD issues to the point that they are losing thousands of PPD by running them.
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Nice my GPU's suck on those projects... GTS450 are at 8k and GTX460 12k.... So mi am playing around with my new mem and i am managed 6-7-6-21 1.7v lol this kit is amazing
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At what speed? I get 7-7-7-20 at 1527 but I could probably get tighter timings if my IMC wasn't weak.
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Attachment 1804201600MHz7 6-7-6-21 1T with 1.71v lol amazing KIT and a damn boost from my 9-9-9-27 kingston.

Will test now more i only had the CPU at 4050 with 1600 maybe the mem will do until 4.1Ghz or 4150 tomorrow i will know hehehe testing right now with memtest 86+ and linX

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That is one of the draw backs of a Intel setup. You really can't go over 1.65v without damaging the IMC on the CPU.
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But intel likes speed and AMD lower timings we just have to find a sweet spot
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