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dont know i had to buy 2 for each thing i had but my pump goes under my res so only 2 for those 2 things for me
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The 655 is only $12 more expensive than the 350. Could I run into a problem with my pump being too powerful? What res do you have? I saw one for like $24 but it was for the 35X pump which is $130 so its not worth it lol.
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Ok how about this then?
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more pump power ins not going to get better temps in fact it will give you air bubbles in the system my res was a pack that i bought dont really now what it is... lol but if the price is good get the 655
I would rather go with that setup but maybe you are right you will need 10 fittings after all cause the pump dont go with the res like mine
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My loop:
I have a sponge in the RES that come with it cause watter speed was too much and with that it wont make air bubbles.... the MCP355 is powerful enough for 2 360 rads and 4 blocks....
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the rads:
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What type of fans are those? Ultra Kaze? You have 2 X 240 EK Rads outside of your case?

From what I have seen This Swiftech H20-220-APEX ULTIMA CPU Liquid Cooling Kit w/ Apogee XT for only $220 seems to be a hell of a deal. I can add another rad to it and be good to go.
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Yes i have 2 rads outside the case now they are both for the CPU but i will WC my GTX460 soon too and i have now 4 ultra kazes 2k rpm in the rads, also ordered white feeser tubing feeser VS.C Coolant and a vga block
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I have good news and bad news guys... The bad news first. I am only getting 625 WU's at the moment (I think everyone is)... Now on to the good news. I have sucessfully overclocked my eVGA GTX 480 SC to 900/1800/1975 w/ 1.138v and a max temp of 70c. Now (even with the 625 WU's I am at almost 18.5k PPD (That is while also folding -bigadv on my Core i7-930 at the same time) so that should bump up my production quite a bit over the course of a month. I am also thinking about not folding my core i7 until we catch up (or get closer anyways) so that I have 100% of my CPU free for my card to use. I already have my GPU3 client set to real time priority and my SMP to normal.

Edit: Hey guys, I just won a free overclocked account from the October Foldathon
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congrats man [[[]] are you still gonna buy the WC setup? that Swiftech kit does not look bad at all just for the CPU is a winner in my point of view. But a custom one its easier to had things if needed like VGA blocks other tubing.... either way its a lot better then air cooling
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