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Originally Posted by xxpinoyxx
so what about this MASSCOOL HSF?

its less than $20. the reviews says its pretty quiet and cools good too.

I just built a system for my sister on a budget and used a MASSCOOL HSF, but it was for a 775 package and was very different in design than that one. However, it did keep the Prescott under 50c at load with a 10% OC.


I used that one on my old 3Ghz Prescott, worked pretty well (for a budget HSF), and of course, have to use Arctic Silver.

As was mentioned, you get what you pay for. Is a $20 HSF going to cool as well as a Big Typhoon? No. But if you can't spend the $50 for the BT, then it really doesn't matter.

Get the best of what you can afford, it's all you can do.