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What guns do u normally use?

Do u tap click or spray and pray?

Do you aim for the head or the neck if you spray?

If you aim for the head and spray than you wont hit the head almost ever unless you lucky, the recoil on most guns take aim way off like that, however if I spray at your neck or chest area I will shoot you in the head if using an AK, if using an m4 point the gun at thier balls and shoot away the recoil bounces you verticlly in most cases so u bounce up instead of left right and up like the AK. If you like the AK I suggest double mouse tap fireing, it is the most accurate, if the m4 on CT use 3 round bursts, if you like to spray than p90 all the way, I play on a 100tic server and 66tic and I aim at the person all the time and dont have problems, if the person is on the move and far away than you have to compensate for distance.

But honestly I have never had this problem and I play too much.