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I have been over 3.8 plenty...its just i dont feel comfortable 'feeding' 1.6v to a $500.00 chip. The highest recorded clock on a 6700 without phase..was Xevi, i believe, @ 3.9?ghz...not sure what vcore though.

6700's take big jumps in vcore for some reason to stabilize over 3.4-3.5ghz....most Ive seen between 1.35-1.38v...but go to 3.6ghz and your talking 1.45-1.48v. I can run stable at->

3.73, 370mhz FSB w/ 1.52vcore
RAM- around 950mhz, 2.35v, 4-5-5-16-5
all mobo voltages-> AUTO..{this helps me avoid the pci-e, 1x lock, that sometimes craps out your oc on P5B's}

running over 3.8 means vcore in excess of 1.55v...w/ idle temps in the low 40c's