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Obsidian BlackOut build log - Page 6

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Love the tube sleeving.

Not sure about green and red though, just my opinion though.

All of this is pretty awesome, subbed.

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smallish update here, since I took so long before updating I thought some of you would appreciate more regular updates

what do you do when you purchase 3pin cable extensions for your fans and they look this ugly(on the left)?? Well you change the connectors and re-sleeve them of course!

I even had to crimp new pins since the older ones were soldered

I did finish my two pcie 6 pin cables for the cards here they are!

here's the ultimate crappy pic of epic crappyness that depicts me using the extension for the 8pin power cable near the psu.. It's allright to use it like that right?
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the computer is completed!

I will post pictures later, but I have to say that I did not complete it the way I intended. I was growing tired of not having my computer (only backup was gf's laptop) so I did not finish the cable sleeving .

I did do the whole wc loop with sleeving and the end result is quite nice! maybe someday I'll sleeve the reste of the cables..

one thing I've learned with this build is that an obsidian 800D case is freaking small for all the stuff I've put in haha

I finished it today, I could've simply not replied to this thread as there is not much activity. But I figured for those of you who liked my build and were waiting for updates I owed you guys that much.

overall I like the look of the pc! and it's insanely quiet too! gf's laptop is louder haha

thanks for those of you who subscribed to this thread!

I'll get pics out soon
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hey guys! got a couple of shots done..

I may do the 24pin cable some time in the future.. it does nullify the coolness factor of the rest of the setup lol

When I said that the corsair 800D is a friggin small case, this is what I meant

so yeah, 4.4 ghz running prime95 for 40 minutes now and cpu running @ 55c

quite satisfied with the setup... gaming's good
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Great build, I like it... mixed about the sleeving on the tubing, sleeved the tubing but not the cables.

Those are some amazing temps too
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the cable will be done someday lol.. I know it sucks and I assume it. I was tired of not using my pc.. been 5 months without using it..
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wow - this is pure win! Is it normal that I need to change my pants after viewing this?
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