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Northwood to Prescott?

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hey i was lookin around newegg for some stuff i had to order for my comp and i decided to check out the intel cpu's possibly to upgrade my intel system which is currently a 2.53 northwood with 512kb L2 and i was lookin at a 2.4 gig prescott and was wondering if the higher L2 cache and the core would give me a performance boost and maybe a little better for over clocking maybe?... i know prescotts are portable ovens (well even my northwood is too compared to my amd systems) but i have a TT big water SE sytem on my intel comp so i dont think mild to moderate overclocking would cause any harm. so is it worth the 105 bucks to get my computer out of 2001?
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The Prescott with the larger L2 cahce will help you quite alot and will oc pretty well but maike sure you have decent cooling as the prescott does get hot..but as seeing as its 90nm it will run at the same really as your northwood because northwood runs on 130nm.
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Not worth upgrading IMO.

Northwood's 20 stage pipelines are better than Prescott's 31 at that clock speed and AFAIK, the 2.4ghz Northwoods are the ones that clock well over 3.0ghz.

The larger L2 cache will not give you a noticeable performance boost, so save your money.
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I have to agree, a change of 11 stages in a processors pipeline does give a large drop in the efficiency of the processor. Plus of course you are going back on the clock speed. A larger L2 cache will help in certain scenarios but it will not improve the performance in most applications.

Overclocking should be the main reason for buying that one not the performance
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yes i would be overclocking with the prescott... i need a new micro atx mobo anyway and i was looking at the asus ASUS P4V8X-MX and i need to know if its any good for overclocking my current northwood 2.53 and/or a prescott 2.4 oh and i might be able to get a prescott 2.4 for 40-50 bucks from a friend who has a bunch of stuff laying around
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You really do have to love Northwood mani found it funny that it had a few advantages over the Prescotts.
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