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RAM question

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For my intel motherboard will this work?

ok So i'm buying 512 Mb stick for $20

and i want to get black lights and blue light fans in my computer.

how much do u think that would cost?

because I really want a comp like that, so i'm going to build a new one. and use this one i'm using for my own projects. the other comp that i'm building is going to be a Overclock.net special brought to u by blackstargaming.net.

and if u want to donate ur more than welcome my bro and I need all the parts we can get.
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Well, your system specs don't say what motherboard you have.......and you didn't mention the speed or brand or style of RAM are buying, so it's kinda hard to say for sure.

Update on those items and we can help out.

As for the cost of the lights and fans, it dpends on how many and how good you want them.
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