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Corsair TX750w Fan Replacement.

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So I recently broke the fan blade while cleaning my PC...I know you immediately wonder how that happened but lets just say I had help from a 8 year old Ninja that decided to leap at a very bad time
Anyways I am pretty sure Corsair wont support the RMA and after asking a few times on my RMA thread they have been avoiding the question of will they sell me another fan to replace it myself so a few questions.

1. Can I buy a normal 140mm fan and cut the lines (red/black/yellow correct?) and just wire nut red/black to the current 2 pin 140mm fan.

2. Anyone have a broken PSU that would sell me the 2 pin 140mm fan (prefer Corsair's as its whisper quiet)

3. Do they sell a 3/4 pin to 2 pin connector piece that would work?

One question I have had is I have always cut my extension cords to make larger/longer ones or when I needed to hook up a washer/compressor etc and never had issues. Is a computer different would cutting it like that cause possible dangers for the unit? Is there a method to solving such a issue if there is?

Thank you.
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I have the same questions. Having the same power supply I replaced its original crappy fan with a Corsair AF140 quiet edition. For the moment my fan is plugged directly to one of my motherboard headers as I managed to pull out the psu the fan's cable. But I looking forward to do a proper job so I would really like to plug the fan's cable into the 2 pin header of the power supply. That way, the fan won't spin at full speed beacause it will be thermo regulated depending on the temperatures. Anyone any idea???
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