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Hi, that bios would work with the gigabyte 460 768MB?
Help plz...
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Hello guys.

I have a big problem here. I was able to use NiBiTor in order to change my mod (I am using BIOS F3, instead of BIOS F2), and unlock the voltage.

However, when the card is not in use, it goes down to 405Mhz

I would like to change that to 626Mhz

How do I do that?
with NiBiTor I have one option that says

Fermi clocks

It's confusing, to say the least

I remember when I had the GT 240, I overclocked it and changed it's BIOS, and I was able to play Starcraft 2 with the edited BIOS

The one thing that REALLy made a difference was changing the BIOS, since the card would never go to clocks less than 550Mhz

I would like to do the same with GTX 460

I would like the clocks never to go down to less than 626Mhz

I appreciate your responses
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If you have Gigabyte GTX 460 (or any GTX 460), this BIOS will
1) Unlock voltage up to 1.212V
2) Make your default speed 626Mhz instead of 405Mhz

This is important in games because when you are loading a map (for example, Starcraft 2), the speed downclocks to 405Mhz.
That also happens when you watch a movie, or flash...

The Gigabyte VGA @BIOS Utility is included, as well as a screenshot and the

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I am using the F3 bios @ 1.087v at 925MHz and 2GHz mem Watercooled the best bios so far for me.
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Thank you guyz for sharing this link, but someone can unlock the speed fan under 40% ?

I would like to run my gpu fan to 30% for example, how can i do that?

Thanks in advance.
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