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The PPD Police - Page 117

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Soooo... wats up here people? Gettin ready?
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I'm always ready

Except tomorrow, putting my stuff into a new 700D.
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mmmm... 700D... me likes

Anyone heard from Digi, lately?
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It's a birthday present to myself, even though family gave me some money towards it. I'll post up a pic when it's done.

Next on my list is good ram.
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Boyd... what was the ppd you were getting doing bigadv in april?
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I think it was about 36-40 on a really good day. It's even better at 5.2. Those 200MHz make a surprising difference.
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That was vm, though, right? Not native?
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Yeah that's just with stock ubuntu in a virtual box with the priority set to "low" in win task manager. It would be much better if I put a slimmed down installation of arch on there instead, or just put it on it's own hard drive.

I'm pretty confident i'm getting all the PPD i can at the moment though.
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one week till go time... any shake-ups?

EDIT: Congrats on the $50 for the CC, siz!
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Ok guys.. I'm still alive

I've been ridiculously busy as of late, and away on holidays for a bit...

I need to go through all my PM's and get caught up, also I have to admit I let you guys down and missed the captains meeting, since I'm on the west coast it happened while I was still at work and unable to attend.

As I currently understand it, there is still some discussion going on regarding the changes for the team challenge. Once it is all set in stone we will start getting our game plan together.

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