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SP2004 v0.40

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Apr 05 2006 - v0.40 released - Wow. Has it really been over a year since the last release?
  • switch to Prime95 24.14 numeric routines
  • fix bug when restoring from minimized/tray icon state
  • during stress/torture test, change text selection to show progress
  • restore CPU Affinity setting on startup, save CPU Affinity and Priority on exit
  • miscellaneous tweaks to layout and dialog text
  • show when page faults occur during stress test, N.B. if using MBM5 in Blend or Custom Test, paging may occur often
  • show number of rounds in dialog
  • warn if system CPU affinity mask different from process CPU affinity mask

Get it here!
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Good find! I will try it.
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