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None of the models you suggested were designed to work with a subwoofer in mind. All 3 would require some sort of routing or signal splitting to use with an external sub.

That's incorrect. You can use one of the unused RCA inputs of the A2 speaker to use as "output" to subwoofer.


You should really go with the Audioengine A2 speakers. They are for better sound, very detailed and has quality sound. VERY good for nearfield listening. The closer you stick your ears to them the better.

If you are going to add a sub, the best way is to get a good sound card (Asus Xonar DX7.1 for $85). Connect the A2's to the stereo out of sound card. Connect the subwoofer to sub out on the card and set it to 2.1 in the application.

Another option is to connect the sub to one of the unused inputs of the A2. It's a nice feature Audioengine designed.

If you get a good quality detailed sub, you can have a descent system with the A2. It will be more bass-biased, as the mid range of the A2's are weak, but still trump the other speakers in the class. A2's are really good for nearfield, not so much for farfield.

I would suggest you to steer away from using sub for any speakers. It lowers sound quality as the bass overpowers the other frequencies of sound, missing out detail. Even with a little bit of bass can still be too much. Best is to rely bass on the speakers themselves, not the sub. Sub is for the parties for people that like loud music and movies.



That's connected through $1200 Audioquest Angel interconnect... Beautiful sexy system.

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You can use a sub with the A2 and AV40. However, you have to use the pre-amp/source to control volume. For example if you're using it with your computer, you have to turn the speakers and sub to max volume and use Windows to control volume.

I believe there are other ways to set it up, but this the way I know it by(unless the studio monitors have a line or something).

Get the Swan M10 if you want a non-hassle great sound quality set of speakers on a budget.

Get the A2 or AV40 (w/a sub if you want) if you need volume, detail, and wider frequency range extension.

was all these said out of personal experience or otherwise [
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me too,I am a poor-man and they are as good as I can afford w/o going Mackie thank you 14.gif
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