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okai, weird news.

I have the cores enabled right now, but running in express gate. At first it was all funkay. Ran it again, still funkay. Ran it again, everything seems fine.

Don't really want to try running in the OS yet. xD I wonder if I am actually running 4 cores. Is there a way to check online? Maybe linux has a CPU-Z version for linux (express gate). HMMMM!

edit:i've also contacted asus and we exhausted all possible options on how to unlock cores. However, I'm in express gate right now with 4 cores enabled! eeek!!!!! i think, i don't know for sure, but the switch is turned on and is red showing 4 cores enabled. I wonder if i just "wore"/"broke in" the processor? Testing OS now.

edit2: aklright turns out my cores aren't enabled. ._.

plus asus had no idea why i could run with 1 or 2 cores enabled when the core unlocked was disabled, but once enabled I couldn't.

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your chip likely has a defective cache or cache interface for the last 2 cores. if the chip will run in LOCKED mode but wont run unlocked with the last 2 cores shut down, then it is defective cache

You just answered a question that was posted in 2010.
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it could have been answered in 2010. gheeze, these forums dont get a lot of activity, i only went back a few pages.

"not a lot of activity"? Some threads are multiple hundreds of pages.