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AggresserT2 is my screen name, i built a huge awesome world on my minecraft but then felt i had none to show it to, so im looking for a server where i can build cool stuff and other people can see it. and it makes it much easier to build stuff when you have people to talk to you or even help you get ideas. So that's what im basically looking for.
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Hello My Name is Gary

My mine craft screen name is FE3LGOOD ( those arent zeros 0 )
i was in a whitelist survival server before on MC.Envisage247 before but they crashed and i have been looking for a good server for months. You seem to run a user friendly server and i would like to be a part of it. I understand how the rules work about being courteous to others and im one to help out with anything if someone needs it. Ill give back as much as is giving to me. more often than not ill just give before asking.

so i would love to be apart of your server if you all will have me =x

Please and thank you
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Didnt mean to post again.
my mistake
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whitelist me please, hostagex is my IGN, I want to find a server that i can play on and use a voip and just be able to be creative with other players and not have to play single player by myself..
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ign quiteqwerty
can I be on the list
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IGN. Thecadillacman92

Ive been looking for a server to build some awesome things in and i gotta say this is the one for me.
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Minecraft unsername is: JonFawcett
I've been playing since alpha and have alot of experiance with working in a community I am pefectly happy to claim my own plot of land, or help other's with thier projects if they so require. In short, I would very much like to be added to your whitelist as I think I will be a very productive member of your server.
Thanks for your time
- Jon Fawcett
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i have already been on multiple servers but they have been destroyed by griefing. Your server looks like one to join!
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Please Whitelist me! IGN Alexwakawaka
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Hi my ign is Hareve,

I am looking for a good server so i can build its as simple as that. I normally play with worledit does it work on your server? Can i be whitelisted or do i have to prove myself?

Thank you in advance!!

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