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The Stinky Dragon!!!

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Hey Guys!

I have some new upgrade plans, considering that my B'Day money should be coming in within a weeks time ! At the moment I am just going to prepare my computer for the next generation CPU sockets that are coming from both Intel and AMD, unfortunately for all of us AMD user out there, I might move to Intel depending on the upcoming CPU releases..... Nevertheless I would like to share with you my upgrade plans, and btw this will be a build log that will have a lot of interesting twists and spins, including looking at gigantic server cases in a Chinese electronics market!

So as I said before I am just preparing my computer for the next generation, this means that I will leave my CPU, Motherboard, RAM and GPU the way they are for the moment... SO... I will be adding in an OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD! I have been on the fence for a while about whether to upgrade my hard drive or not, however with the release of the SF-1200 chipset, I was became more optimistic... Especially considering that I am going to get into CAD and Photoshop more, so I can do some prep work for my future Electrical Engineering course.... I know some of you atm are like "***...What does PS have to do with EE", well it is just for fun ... With this setup I can store all my music, videos, pics and page file on my current RAID setup for storage in all of its OP glory ..... I will also be upgrading my PSU to a Corsair TX 750W! From reading around I have found that this PSU is a really good deal atm especially since it can handle a 470 SLI setup... well at least that is what Corsair said ..... Then there will be the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme upgrade! To put it very simply, this card will give me better quality than this onboard piece of junk and it is also a good buy.... Then last, but certainly not least.... A SEVER CASE MOD!!! The exciting thing about this, is considering the fact that I live in China (NO, I am not Chinese, I am Australian, I just live in China... ) I can show you some nice big server cases at chinese electronic market! I am still tossing up between going to the largest distributor of electronics in asia, or a local market, but I am sure that if I get enough Rep and Subs I will give you what you want ...
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Hey guys,

As the title suggest I will be preparing my PSU and Case for sale. Really, I only need to fix up my Case, considering the amount of scratches and the shredding screw on one of my fans.... This unfortunately means that I will have to update this build log on my laptop, which also mean that I will have to tell my Aussie TF2 clan that I will be out for a while.... I will begin preparing my Cooler Master Gladiator 600 for sale tomorrow, if I can successfully convince my art teacher to stay after school that is.... So for now Ill leave you guys with some pics of the sorts of problems that I need to fix up ....

If you like the pics, I used a Canon EOS 450D with a SIGMA Wide-Angled 17-170mm 1:2.8-4 MACRO HSM lens. It takes such awesome pics doesn't it?

Also after this major upgrade, which includes 2 case mods... I will be doing another one after chrissy, a time when even more cash comes in . It is at that time that I will be upgrading my CPU, Motherboard, RAM and GPU and possibly even a Custom WC Loop if I can sell my current components for enough....

Anyways, stay tuned for an update tomorrow night, or maybe saturday morning depending on how long I party with my friends ...

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wait... when I do the update tomorrow I'll add the pictures.... In the mean time night!
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