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Just flashed the lighting 2 BIOS at 900/1200. Going to let it stabilize a bit before I overclock too far. So far so good though. thumb.gif
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This is brilliant! smile.gif I've been searching for a mod to increase the voltage ever since I got my HD-585X-ZNFA v3.3 which is the European version of the North American HD-585X-ZNFC. No information what so ever was to be found about the ZNFA. After trying to modify the stock bios myself and trying a few bioses from Techpowerup I got a bit fed up with my new card. All those tries all resulted in a light blue screen when the 3d-clocks kicked in or just a dead card that had to be blind flashed to stock again.

So I gave the http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/70100/MSI.HD5870.1024.100305.html BIOS a shot and to my suprise the card wasn't dead after the reboot redface.gif Now it's running at 870/1150 compared to the previous maximum of 740/1150, haven't bothered fiddling with the memory yet though.

Big creds to you space@pe!
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Hey thanks for the tutorial, though I have to announce that the bios you used didn't get along with my non-ref xfx 5850 (ZAFC).

On the first run it didn't even turn on the display on boot.

On the second run I try to boot into linux. Rebooted before that. I could try to repeat this step and copy the dmesg if you are interested.

On the third, fourth run I succesfully booted into windows. On third and fourth display went of at random times, to never go back on again, followed by an acpi shutdown.

Finally I went back on to windows, opened GPU-Z and checked the voltage and clocks. GPU clock was at 850. Voltage said it was at 0.950 (VDDC (I think this is the voltage name of gpu-z, I put this in case I'm wrong))

So I'm not sure what went wrong, I flashed the backed up bios and the card is running as usual now. Shall I try a different bios? Also for the record, my card at default bios and voltage gets unstable if I try to go beyond 834 mhz, at 840 is unstable frown.gif

So the problem might be that voltage didn't changed?
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Well I can now say I tried all the bios in this post tongue.gif

At least the ones on the first page. I got a higher voltage on few of them. All of them where unstable, except one msi bios u posted after the first post. Its voltage was 1.164v. I can get 875 mhz stable with this bios smile.gif

Also when I tried to flash the Sapphire bios (vapor-x) I bricked the card. I tried to reflash blindly, and I measure the time needed for the pen drive to boot, double it in waiting but it wouldn't work. The motherboard didn't wanted to boot with the card not giving output to a proper display. Luckily I have another card, which I always remove before this tests, and was able to flash back the msi bios with both cards in.

So in conclusion, if you are going to be flashing all sorts and flavours of bios onto your gpu, be sure to have an extra card at hand just in case wink.gif

My second card is a non-ref Sapphire 5850. It runs pretty stable with stock bios and voltage at 954 devil.gif

It run almost stable at 975. But after an hour voltage dropped from 1.088 to 1 and windows stated the drivers failed. I'm assuming that 1.088 wasn't enough for this clock and it dropped because the card actually wanted more. Or it is just my imagination?

My cards PN is 288-5e140-030sa; would it be safe to go flashing other bios on this card? or as safe as it was flashing to the xfx?

I really wouldn't mind the stock bios if I could just oc the values above in linux. But that's not possible because there is no such tool as afterburner or trixx for linux. And ati's tools only let me go up to 775, which sucks hard compared to what I got in windows. If there is a way unlock current bios clocks i would be delighted to hear

Thanks in advance for any info
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will this work on the sapphire 5850 v2
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Originally Posted by dubiki View Post

dear all,

I'm the owner of HP envy 17 notebook with ati 5850 mobility card. looking for a help how to increase VOLTAGE))) thank you in advance... what i have for the moment,

the max I can go with 0.9V(default) is 550/1025 (500/900 -stock, but normally should be 625/1000) and get 11700 in 3dmark06 in my case))

but according to other note owner, like dell alienware m15x with 5850, they have more then 1.0V and get change to 1.15V with good cooling.. so in the end they modify core/memory up to 900/1100 (crazyy people)..so finally reach >14000 in 3dmarks06..

so, my tries to increase of Voltage was unsuccessful, with flashed modified vbios i still have 0.9V

wanted fo flash vbios from other company, like dell or msi, but "^^^ i second this, flashing it with dell bios may brick it. i know i tried to flash a dell bios on a clevo card and bricked it."

according to this forum http://www.overclock.net/ati-drivers...-bios-mod.html

it less risky to flash hp vbios of 5870..but i can't find hp 5870 vbios..

any other options for HP envy owner??? hellppp plzzz

I have the same problem as DUBUKI. Is it possible to increase the voltage on an HP envy 17 with a ATI 5850 mobility card by following the bios mod in this thread? I want to know because I do not want to risk bricking my GPU for nothing :/

Does anyone knows a way to increase the voltage of a 5850m in a hp envy 17. Apparently HP locked the card at 0.9 V. I want to get it to 1.0 V.

thanks smile.gif
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