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890XA-UD3 is nearly the same, missing a few things such as fan headers and a heatpipe connecting the mosfet/NB heatsink, and the PCB is a bit cheaper, but I guess it's not too much of a downer. The 790XT(A) used to be one of the best budget AM3 overclockers around sadly I don't think they make them anymore due to the new chipsets

Beware the G.Skill PI's you're getting, I remember quite some time ago some people clammering into AMD Memory complaining they couldn't get rated timings/speeds out of their (same) PI's. Of course we have better knowledge of how the IMC works and what RAM works best for AMD so that might change, but this is just a thing you might want to know. I doubt you won't be able to get rated speed/timings, if they don't work at rated voltage I'm confident a small raise in DRAM and/or CPU-NB voltage will get it to work.
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Yeah, think I should just buy a less expensive am3 board for the 720 and keep my board for the 1055? Or try to grab a 790xta for myself? Not sure what use I have for sata/usb 3, but who knows about the future.

I'm not to worried about the memory hitting its speeds to be honest with you, just not for some reason.
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I'd think that'd be a good idea. The 1055T works well with the 790XT starting with BIOS revision F8F
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Well that went bust, I ended up not being able to bring myself to pass on the Formula IV that was in the For Sale section for $150+shipping. So payment sent, package on the way.
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Bought the abs canyon 595 deal yesterday.....

This is quickly turning into a completely new computer build.
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Ok, so since this is a whole new computer from what I had 3 weeks ago...as in every part now haha, I need a new name.

I'm at a blank though, any suggestions at all.

I also now have the glitz and glam of a formula going into an ABS Canyon...is it sad that I'm unhappy about my GPU having a blue PCB?
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