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Patriot RMA Again...

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Ok so I started with some 2x PC2 6400 c4 2x1GB Patriot Extreme Performance Low Latency Kit. I RMAd one set. Then I had to RMA both sets because they would not run at the same settings. In return they sent a PC2 6400 c4 4x1GB Patriot Extreme Performance Low Latency Kit. Now I can only run 3 of the sticks at 5-5-5-16 @2.2v. As seen here.

So my question is; Would it be wrong to request/demand an upgrade to better ram? I feel like after everything I've been through it's the least they could do.

My other option is get the RMA but sell it and buy new ram. In which case what should I look to get?
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Might be the memory controller. You've got a C2 chip, they normally have problems running 4 DIMMs due to the memory controller; try increasing the CPU-NB voltage as well as the DRAM voltage to get better results. Be sure you are pushing rated voltage through the kits.
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CPUZ says I have G2 chip. Not sure if that makes a difference. It's the old Athlon 64 X2 Brisbane. I have tries upping the voltages on both the NB and the DRAM but I don't think it's safe to take them any higher.

Regardless I'm 99% sure it's the RAM. One of the sticks refuses to post in any configuration and another sometimes will lock up the computer after an hour of gaming. Memtest shows both sticks are bad in some way.
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Ah right, it's an older K8. I'm not too sure about the memory controller of those, but I don't think they're built as well to handle 4 DIMM's.
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Well I might be in luck. A friend might be giving me a set of Crucial Ballistix 2 x 2GB.

So now do I get the RMA for the exact same or still see if I can get a better set?
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