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It's got SB710, it should be able to but I do not recommend it at all. An unlocked 555 will consume 125W or more power; to use that with an unheatsinked 4+1 power phase from a lower-end motherboard company is quite dangerous.
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it said it could hold up to 135W and i think i read a review of it working on some guys setup. What mobo do u suggest then? thats cheap
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That's not always true. An MSI 890GX board with heatsinked 4+1 power phase claims to support 140W; it has caught fire on two users here with 125W processors. I recommend 8+2/mosfet heatsinks for a reason: 8+2 = more stable, better power supply to the processor, and heatsinks help with the cooling especially because on most tower coolers air skips the mosfets and they don't get any cooling.
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not gonna lie what you said made no sense lol. I dont know anything about comps.. i just play them
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Power phase supplies all power to the CPU, and often runs as hot or hotter than the CPU. The more power phases, the more stable the power output for higher wattage processors, and therefore - the better. They need cooling as well, so if you have a tower CPU heatsink you will also want to have a mosfet heatsink and good airflow.
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how do you know the power phase of a mobo? and can you link me to one thats decent but cheap
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you look at the area to the left of the mosfets - those big black squares (capacitors) are the power phases. You should be able to see the black squares under any mosfet heatsinks (the actual mosfets are smaller black squares [regulator transistors] on the motherboard and are the ones that regulate the power to the CPU from the transistors/are heatsinked). 4+1 = 5 phases, 8+2 = 10 phases, and there's also different combos in between. Also, the "2" in 8+2, etc. supplies the CPU-NB/integrated memory controller, just so you know.
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i decided to get this... There is a 74 hour or 24 hour deal right now and its cheaper than the memory i posted. Its 50$ free shipping =P I think ill order it now

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That's pretty good, those kits are great overclockers often managing 1600 7-8-7 or even 1900 9-9-9 in some cases.
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i dont wanna oc though =/
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