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Any idea how I can set my vmware to just get regular bigadv instead of bigbigadv?
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No idea, I would just delete all the work log files then reboot. Repeat this process until you get a 6900/6901
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cant do that because your sending all those work units back to stanford and it will mean eventually your username is no longer in good standing order than you qualify for bonus points. You have to do something like send all work units back within 80% deadline or something similar.
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One or two dropped WU is nothing I guess. I don't know how it works though when someone dropped a WU at 1% (or before that). I'm guessing it will just go back to server as unfinished and will be recycled and re-assigned.
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yeah but you can get the work unit back in return and it might say its worth 250,000 points but then when you finish it it could be past the deadline and be worth next to nothing.
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Never happened to me yet so can't really tell. biggrin.gif

How's your RAM OC'ing btw?
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managed to go from 9-10-9-27 1866mhz to 2133mhz 10-11-10-30
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Originally Posted by $ilent View Post

managed to go from 9-10-9-27 1866mhz to 2133mhz 10-11-10-30

Did it help improving TPF ?
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only slightly, I had to push my overclock back to 4.9ghz thought. at 1.41v temps ok at 70C, at 1.44v temps over 80C
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4.9ghz / 2133 ram thumb.gifthumb.gif
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