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Power Rangers - Page 131

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mine is dropping in 2 days joel so we should be doing ok.

I finished that one other day and it just got deleted for no good reason due to file io error...bloody stupid.
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Don't worry about that. $h1t happens.

Just dropped my 2nd 6903 for the month and got another. Need to finish as many as we can before the 16th comes, and then let's hope the deadline won't be drastically short.

Btw, whenever you got a chance, is it possible to put my EOC sig stats in the main page?
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You know I was just thinking that when I clicked on this thread, ill do it now.
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Watch those page alignments biggrin.gif
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bigbigadv unit: Complete wink.gif
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Originally Posted by $ilent View Post

bigbigadv unit: Complete wink.gif

This will catapult us to the top thumb.gifthumb.gif

Something happened to my rig for some reason, the 6903 that it was working on was dropped (after 10 hours), then got a 6901, finished it, submitted.
Then now currently crunching a 6903. Not bad at all but I still need to check what was the reason.
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Looking good folks!

How is everyone's folding going?
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6903 scheduled to drop on the 01/11 +260K. I'm looking forward to finish two (more) 6903s before "that day" arrives.
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very nice, im at 32% on my 6903 unit, reckon I can finish this and get another done in time for the deadline changes too tongue.gif
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Is everyone doing alright, guys?
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