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Niceee tongue.gif

I was looking to see it being a 290X at first!
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Haha, nope, nothing that cool (, just a 680 Lightning block.

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oh yeah 95C load temps...we're cooking with gas now!
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Now I see why they waited until it was almost winter to drop them, xD.

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AMD trolled NV hard on this one, they said they werent targetting the ultra enthusiast market.
To that end at 2560x1440 – what I expect will be the most common resolution used with such a card for the time being – AMD is essentially tied with GTX Titan, delivering an average of 99% of the performance of NVIDIA’s prosumer-level flagship. Against NVIDIA’s cheaper and more gaming oriented GTX 780 that becomes an outright lead, with the 290X leading by an average of 9% and never falling behind the GTX 780.

What do titans do ppd wise?
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Well, the new R9 290X data is out. For a basic card (ie not overclocked) it is a heck of a value ... blows anything that nVidia has (for the moment) out of the water. But it's loud, power hungry, and doesn't do Folding@Home well (at first glance). But for $549, it will be hard to beat for a "buy it, install it, and game with it" card.

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Originally Posted by anubis1127 View Post

Now I see why they waited until it was almost winter to drop them, xD.


Nice block. When you installing it?
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For those that want a pretty good review of the R9 290X ...

If you want to cut to the meat and potatoes for Overclocking, skip to 8:40.

As expected, the R9 290X is basically the AMD FX-9590 of video cards. Power hungry, hot, and fast ... and without much overclocking headroom. But AMD did learn from the FX-9590 not to try to sell it for $1000 then 3 months later, when no one buys it, slash the price to $390. AMD did it right this time, setting the price for a "pre-overclocked" video card for $549.
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Knuckle we dont know how much OC headroom the 290x has as its limited by temps thus far...once MSI AB is updated an we have full cover blocks, it could be epic.

Theres a 1435mhz card on LN2 in the 290x thread.
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