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Sadly i don't have any :/ but there was no cutting involved, i had the plan when i removed them that i may eventually put them back in so nothing was damaged in doing so
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ok cool..so did you put a rad uptop?cant remember..240?360?
thanx for info.ill have a look today..ive never realy payd note to this specificaly
i just pop the top off to clean it then pop it back in..
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Yeah it fits a 240, i have two fans on top of the case, the rad sat onto these then two more fans ontop of the rad.

I'd recommend measuring the length of screw you need to mount the bottom half (if you're going for 4 fans, or two on the bottom at least) they'll need to be long enough to grab the rad through the fans ofc smile.gif

Heres some pictures i took, sorry i can't go into more detail with them, i really don't want to take the thing apart again lol:

^ the only permenent mod i've made when installing the rad externally, Electrical tape to protect the tubing from the sharp edges, temp fix until i get some rubber plugs to fit

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well thats the beauty..ive got the full tower version..its hot a huge hole in the top front part..
thanx for the help..my plan is to have the new top sit level with the top edges or just with that triangle part were the rubber is..
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ok sadly im ditching the top panel for now..just dont want to cut anything to mount new top..might just use adhesive tape..
But did start on a new red sidepanel..just gotta make the full big one still..but thats for next time..
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im sorry if im dissapointing people here..but money isnt a plentifull a.t.m.
so im very skettish about hacking stuff up.and im not a very skilled modder..heck..i cant even cut acrylic properly..lack the tools and patience..
i do have plenty ideas if any1 interested to hear?
has any 1 taken off the frnt panel io cover?
i never use the esata/usb3 ect..so seing ive got plenty acrylic at my disposal i was thinking of tryin to make a red cover to go over it.already made a very small piece just for the x..p..logo..red..looks super ..
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this is goin on my psu cover
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Cover is done
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Hi, I'm looking at getting an XPredator black edition case, and was looking for some answers. How easy is it to replace the front and top fans? I've never been a fan of stock fans, plus I'm trying to get a black with white fans look.

Has anyone tried to replace the fans? And if so, do you believe a Spectre Pro 230mm fan would fit? I already have one sitting here, which if I can't fit into the other points, will mount on the side, but I realise its a bit of a big fan
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