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hey ddnt know theres a club for this case.
ive had my black edition full tower for two years.
some may think the qaulity is poor..yes it has flaws..but 3/4 of the case is all steel atleast...
only few issues ive ever had with this from day one..even befor buying it:
1) top vents couldve been placed higher up the top panel so it couldve been flush with the top edges+this allows more room for fans underneath.
2) top inside fan mount shouldv been aligned more to the left side so a top mounted rad could clearly overhang in push pull config away from mobo.
3)top holes shouldv been mounting holes instead of just holes.
4) proper included fancontroll/usb3.0 internal/longer fully sleeved front panel cables to match each colour scheme
5) removeble hd cages.

other than this..im still in love with my case.i came from a cm scout to an cm enforcer to this..my temps came from good- bad-to excelent.
plenty room for most..heck ive got a phtc14pe in there with 3 fan setup.top/two front/bottom/side and rear fan..
about to soon mod the hd cage to remove it completely to allow unrestricted intake or mount an 240mm rad in future..

for those who want more info on mounting h100++++series in top pull/push vise versa..look on youtube


theres a few who hv made a slight mod to
top panel..drill just a few extra holes and made cuts to install off center so push pull
fits inside without touching anything near the mobo top section.

by the way awsome setups guys.
does 120/140mm fans fit underneath the top panel without issues?
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found a nice big sheet of cherry red see thru perspex to mod my case top panel..goin to remove the airvents al together...
goin to be awsome
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Back! build went excellently, this really is an easy case to work with.

My H100i went in push configuration, no problem at all. The closest component was the CPU power block. I can confirm that with this case, a push/pull configuration on the chassis roof would be very difficult if not impossible.

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I have pull fans arriving tomorrow and will let you know how it goes tomorrow night!!
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nice setup.well this is why i want to change the top panel
if these airvents on top were just made aligned flush with top panels top..you get full 25 - 30mm clearance easy which in turn enables much easier rad configs in either setup.
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Ok guys just got my corsair sp120 radiator fans!
I have taken the top off and pulled the fins out...the fit is so close it is not funny! If you are willing to take a small triangle out of 2 sides of a couple of your fins then push/pull will be no issue.
It clips a small section of the fin on each rotation...so close that when you have fins closed it doesn't touch when spinning!

Hope that helps someone. smile.gif

I will be giving this computer to my Wife and purchasing a HAF stacker for myself. biggrin.gif (so i can fit dual 360mm radiator in the top with push/pull config)

i swear i've never ever thought to consider the price of fans in my case build...just purchased the 4 x sp120 and it was $110 delivered!! I will still need another 8! haha
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can yo upload pics of what you did please.....
wow..110$ for 4 fans..that is way hefty..in my country its even more..for two fans its 400 bucks shipping excluded
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I didn't actually modify the fins i was just stating what would let it fit. I simply placed the fans under the fins and free spun them with my hand. The fans under it were making them go slowly for me and it was clipping the fins (Only just!) so if you can get fans that are thinner than 25mm do that, or just cut 2 of the fins slightly. smile.gif Would even work with 2 fins taken out but would be cleaner to cut small edges out of them to stop the fan blades from contacting. smile.gif

If you really want pics i can sit them back in there and take a pic then label what i mean.
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I get what yur sayin..i just realy want a visual pic.goin to see what the measurements precisely R..make a hardboard template and see how itll look.im more into doin this for a diff look for my case..plus i want to be able to keep the vents for re.assambly
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I will take a pic today. smile.gif
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