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EFLC overclock glitches and lots more.

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Hi guys, I recentley bought EFLC, but I wasn't satisfied with the performance, so I decided to crank up a little the core and mem clock of my card. I overclocked it from 575 to 665 on the core and from 900 to 965 on the memory.

When I go into the game and take a car the animation of the tire is constantly changing from normal to flat tire. The tire itself does not get damaged nor the car. And the thing is that when it's flat the car hovers a few inches above ground cuz the collisions are from a normal tire. And it's very unpleasent for the eyes this graphical glitch. And it's constantly changing from flat to normal like 5-6 times per second.

Does this mean that my overclock is unstable ? I ran the tool from the Catalyst Overdrive panel that tests the cards stabillity and it says "Passed".

I ran some benches of tbogt and tlad, and it's verry strange that I do get a half frame improvement out of such an overclock.

When I had GTA IV at the time of patch, I got like 5-8fps improvement out of a smaller oc, but now with eflc, I bassicly don't get any. And on top of all I was playing on higher details then.
btw I play on:

1680x1050 60Hz
everything medium
AF 16x
detail and view distances are set to 23
vehicle density 16
Vsync On

I get 32fps from the TLAD bench and 22 fps from the TBOGT bench.

Also are you guys aware of a bug that is skipping frames, like on this video 5:13 -

It's not Vsync, I checked.

Some building textures are not loading as fast as the should be, and I'm like 150mb below the red text that says no memory available or something like that. I'm using 346 out of 498mb of vram.

I use the latest patch 2 for EFLC.

Sorry for the long post, let me summarize my problems.

1. Flat tire animations
2. Not getting any performance increase when overclocking.
3. Frame skipping.
4. Slow texture loading on buildings. Mostly windows and ledges.

*** have I just wrote, well you know GTA IV. It's really ****ed up that PC gamers are ignored by developers nowadays and get ****y ports.
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Any suggestions ?
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