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I really have to say that I'm very surprised at how poorly your VF3000F is performing, I installed one on my Zotac GTX480 2 days ago and its been the best thing I've ever done for the card. Ive been able to get incredibly clocks out of that card stable in all games and furmark and anything else I throw at it. All while doing it whisper quiet compared to the hair dryer that came on the thing.

These are my settings in MSI Afterburner for it and it is 100% stable and never goes above the mid 60s in game. In fur mark it his I believe 78c with everything turned up to the super burn in mode and all, but thats the highest I've ever seen it with the VF3000F.

1125mV vcore
885mhz core clock
1770mhz shader clock
2035mhz memory clock

Heres my card and then the card in my computer.

I do have the EVGA high flow bracket on as well but I doubt that is doing anything.
Very good results.
I was surprised as well to see any poor results with the VF3000F,
I have very similar good results as yours does with the Zalman on my 480.
The high flow bracket won't make any difference with an aftermarket cooler now, I also left mine on, maybe it breathes a bit better than the stock bracket did
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