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i just got my new notebook 3 days ago. its the asus UL30A with windows 7 64bit. when i got it and installed all the updates, i then went to try out skype, and skype worked great on it's built in webcam and built in mic. i made my mom use this laptop while i skyped with her on my desktop, and she sounded good and clear. however, i tried skype again today, and now there was a lot of static heard on the other end. i tried skypes testing service, and i heard a lot of static intermingled with my own voice, and my voice sounded faint and hard to hear.

first thing i did was fiddle with the windows mic settings in control panel... didnt help. then i reinstalled the audio driver... didnt help. then i plugged in another mic into my notebooks microphone jack, and it had static too! i tried recording with the notebook microphone and the plugged in microphone using windows sound recorder as well as audacity, and both programs still recorded loud static intermingled with my own voice which sounded faint and hard to hear. then i plugged in my fancy usb condencer mic, and that mic recorded and sounded loud and clear.

i really get the feeling that this is not a hardware problem, but what could it be? it worked perfect at first, and now 2 days later its all staticky. is there some setting somewhere that i can tweak, or something else i can do to fix this? this mic is crucial to me, cause my family got this notebook with a major purpose of skyping on it.
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