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need explaning-2 terms,need advice about ikari laser and got idea :]

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I pretty dont understand what both means,
"perfect control" mean that how many meres I need to reach for get negative accel? - can you guys please explain it more "clearly" ?
how that is effective low sens players? if this can..

"Malfunction" - ????

I've read at "OCN Mouse Sensor Reference and Performance sheet" (in the same time I want to thanks Skylight about making this - really helpful to know more information) that Ikari optical got angle snapping so I dont want it.
the ikari laser got too?
how's the sensor compered to the A9500 performance?

btw,I have an idea - maybe we should make an Petition or something like this, to make steelseries make new mouse with ikari shape and A9500/other favorite sensor?
[I know..the new wow mouse - SO NO! FOR FPS!]

thanks in advance.
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Malfunction Speed:

The max. speed at which the sensor/mouse can still track, after that your crosshair/cursor stops or you're looking at the floor/sky.

Perfect Control Speed:

Up to that speed you have (almost) 1:1 representation of your hand/mouse movement on the screen, after that you usually get negative acceleration.

Because this neg. accel. is usually pretty random and not really predictable you loose accuracy. For example your flick shots or fast turn just won't land where you want them to if your swipes are faster than the perfect control speed.

Ikari Laser doesn't have angle snapping, has a pretty low LOD but it's perfect control and malfunction speed isn't that high, ofc as long as you don't hit this speed you are fine.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a new palm/ergonomic mouse with updated tech from SteelSeries in 2011 but I don't think it will be a Ikari V2.
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how can I check how much speed I'm at?
there's any software?

my settings:
cpi - 2000
win sens : 6
sens ingame: 1

cpi - 900
win sens : 6
sens ingame : 2
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Enotus Mouse Test

Just play a few rounds with that program in the background, it's not really precise but it does the job if it's properly calibrated.
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9.17 max speed
and somehow after i got 12.44

so, its ok for the Ikari? or is too high?
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No sensor/mouse reaches such a speed, that's either a wrong reading but more likely you didn't properly calibrate the program.
You first have to set the resolution correctly ("move the mouse 10cm" or something like that) because the software obviously can't know the CPI of the mouse.
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2000 resolution.

1.16 m/s
91526 points/S.

but its pretty important to my first to know more about the sensor and the performance copered to the xai's sensor..
can you give me more information?
you got both..
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With that speed you're on the safe side and the Ikari Laser shouldn't cause you any neg./pos. accel. or malfunction problems.

The sensor of the Ikari Laser is from Cypress, unlike the Xais A9500 the 1 CPI steps is a real sensor feature but there is still some calculation involved (on the sensor level).
The sensor also doesn't have angle snapping but SS lets you turn it on and adjust it in (iirc) 7 steps if you want (calculated by the MCU).
LOD is pretty low (something under 2mm).
I had no jitter issues and the mouse felt very precise for me, maybe not on the Xai level but my "hand-0-meter" isn't that good anyway.
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ok, So if the laser version is better than the optical - Ill go with the laser.
thanks you alot Bullveryr!

I hope that in this year will be new fps mouse by steelseries

how the clicks in this mouse? like the xai (average force) or DA (clicky-mushy)?
any recommended for mouse pad? (hard or soft-cloth)
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For a non low senser the Laser is imho the better one.

Iirc the buttons are more Xai-like, I liked them when I switched from the DA, that's for sure.

Mousepad shouldn't be an issue, use whatever you like.
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