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When I use the native resolution 1920 x 1080. It doesn't fit the screen and I have to use resize my desktop in nvidia control panel. Also when I connect with vga 1920 x 1080 fits the screen but when it boots the res changes many times during the boot into windows 7.
Overscanning (ie portion of the image is displayed outside the screen all around the four edges) can be caused by the HDTV or the graphics card. The HDTV is the more common 'culprit'. I suggest fixing this issue at where it happens. So, if it is caused by the HDTV, it is better to fix it via adjusting the HDTV rather than adjusting the graphics card's driver or control panel.

For your Spectre X240BC-FHD, according to User Manual pages 25 and 26, you should enable the HDMI PC function so that the HDTV will not use any scaling to give you a one-to-one pixel mapping. Therefore, try this adjustment first of everything else. And of course, you must have 1920x1080 at 60Hz set in the card's driver as well.

See the 2 red arrows in pics 1 and 2 below taken from the Manual.

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