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G.Skill RMA

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OK here is the question. I'm sending the kit off tomorrow (had horrible weather here the past 2 weeks) and I was wondering if I should send off both sticks or just the one that failed?

The sticks re from the following kit:
2 x 1 gig g.skill hz (D9 ddr2)

One stick has failed on me. The other is fine. Do I send in both sticks to get back a matching set? Or do I send in the failed stick and hold onto the single D9 set?

As of now i'm sending in both sticks to get a matching set back. When I bought them in March of 2007 they cost $240
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These are sold as a kit, therefore, when you make a warranty claim, you should return both modules.

There is probably a better than 50 / 50 chance that you will not get D9s back. That is the risk that you take by sending them back. It all depends on whether or not G.Skills has kept enough D9GHM ICs for warranty work.

You might want to consider just looking for a used single D9 stick instead of giving up both of them.

Either way, good luck with your RMA.

P/s: 2 sets of these just sold in the Classifieds for $50 (total for both sets). They were already spoken for when I saw them, or I would have grabbed them on the spot.

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I can send them back as 1/2 kit (its the second thing on their RMA form, first being Model of the memory)

I don't see the point in having just a 1 gig stick of D9 so I guess i'll send in the kit
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Didn't know that you could do that with G.Skill.

Always good to learn something new.
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#2 on their RMA form
Quantity*: (Please indicate 1/2 or 1/3 if you are not returning a completed kit)
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