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hi all

i have found a stable OC for my card (core 1010 | mem 1175)
i overclocked with sapphire trixx and tested it for 6 hourse in MSI Kombustor for stability
run heaven 2.1 ,stone gaint and everthing looks good
but i hate the part the aGPU OC in software based
so i tried to flash my OC into the card

i got the original BIOS from the card with GPU-Z 0.4.9
with RBE i changed only the core/mem clok (my OC was with STOCK voltages)
iflashed the card ,so far so good

but ....

the driver wont recognize my card

befor i flashed the card i uninstalled CCC and then with driver sweeper to remove any trace of the driver
i flashed
got into windows (GPU-Z saw the new settings)
installed the driver (tryed 10-10 and 10-12) but it wont recognize my card after the flash with the OC

i reflashed with the original BIOS now and it working fine

help please