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Alright! I'll keep this PSU I guess. Thanks, REP+
thanks. Im not calling you an idiot or anything, but im not just talking out my ass, i know how a PSU works. a computer really doesn't use that much power, you have to look at the tests and look at what they said in the review.

When a psu is pulling 500 watts at the wall, it means that because of it not using 100% of the power coming from the wall, it is using less power at the plugs inside the computer. So 80% efficiency means it is using 20% more power at the wall in order to feed the plugs inside. So if you are using 500Watts at the wall, you take that number, multiply by 80% and that gives you how much is being used inside the computer. which would come to 500*.8 = 400.

I Would like to see you not waste money on a PSU you don't need. So if you get the card and it is still too loud, then yes, get a new PSU, but it would be better to wait to get a new PSU when the chances are you don't need one.