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How did I do ?

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I finally switched my gpus around
Thanks to LilChris + Zodac

How is this for a old 65nm dual gpu folder using old tech:

Right at 14K for now

Q6600 @ 3.2
GTS 512 g92 @ 756/1053/1890
GTS 320 g80 @ 612/900/1458 (Running very hot due to the dual setup and the fact that my sata cables are in front of the intake fan)

** Dropped the g80 to stock clocks. Noticed my g92's fan is alot higher than it was in the single configuration. In the E6400 at same settings fan never went over 55%, now its running up 20 80%)

My g80 gets up to 98 cel (and was rising) with the case side fan on but dropped to 89 cel with the side cover off. I guess I"ll have to leave the cover off if I want to fold

You can see in afterburner where I took the side off and the temps started dropping

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With the side off I've pushed the g80 to 650 core 1620 shaders

I guess I'll not have a side on if I fold due to temps

Is this common with dual gpu setups??
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All of it is getting a bit warm, warmer than I'd like in my rig anyhoo

If it's better with the side off, then your airflow is shot. Have a look at intake of air, and any cables disrupting the flow

good numbers though, PPD is about right, though the Q6600 could be getting a bit more
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With the side off its doing much better. I need cable management bad (I'm ashamed to show you the inside of my case.

Here is the latest fahmon (up almost 2k from when i started)

Temps are way down

g92 down to 81, max only 87
g80 down to 87, max was 100
q6600 down to 52 cel, max 68

PPD up to 15k+

I'm going to watch temps for another couple hours (til the next 2 gpu wus are done) then going to unhook kb + mouse + monitor and hook the E6400 up and see what I can do about getting the E6400 smp folding and/or the 5770 gpu folding (if its even worth it)

If I can't get 3-4k ppd with the e6400 + 5770 I'll just finish the SC2 campaign like I ws working on before.

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That's cool, as long as you recognise that your cable management sucks, it's the first step towards doing something about it

Points look like they've settled down a bit, 15K is a respectable PPD
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