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I want to upgrade my CPU on this motherboard from a Pentium D 2.8ghz (800MHz FSB) to a Core 2 Duo E7500 (1066MHz FSB), and the FSB of the motherboard is restricting my ability to upgrade to the C2D. After looking at the specs of my motherboard, it says it can only have an FSB of 1066MHz after overclocking, which I am actually very new to (sorry OC veterans for possibly wasting your time with lack of research on my own part on the matter). However, I have read several OC guides and can't find anything besides Windows software to overclock, and they don't overclock the CPU FSB on my motherboard. the foxxconn motherboard I am working with uses an Award BIOS, which is supposedly very user friendly to overclock. Also after some reading, I found one site telling me to up my CPU FSB on the motherboard from 200MHz to 266MHz in order to run it with a CPU that has an FSB speed of 1066MHz, but my bios only lets me go as high as 265Mhz, and when I tried that speed I had to clear the CMOS through motherboard jumper settings so I could even start up my PC again. If anyone can help me or if anything I said is unclear please let me know, and thanks for any help in advance.


P.S. - Here's the page for my motherboard if it helps at all.