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One of the problems that often times comes up is exactly what syrillian (sp?) described when cutting windows. The side panels are often made to fit in an assembly line fashion. The problem is that often times these side panels (especially the left one, from front view) don't go on very easily when they aren't cut either.
With same careful manauvering you can probably get it on but it's a pain. I would highly suggest next time getting someone to do it that has experience. Any flexing or manipulating can be accounted for when it's done properly but for the inexperienced all they want is the aesthetic end effect.
The phantom series are some truly great looking cases but from what I've read so far NZXT needs to step up their QC efforts a bit.
Whatever you do though don't give up on your modding ideas! A setback is just a bump in the road, keep plugging away at it and it will all begin to fall into place. Best of luck to you and have a great New Year with your New Computer build.biggrin.gif