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I bought the Roccat Sota pad to go with mine, it's an awesome mouse.

It's a good idea to calibrate it from the settings though.

Tbh, setting 6000dpi on this thing can give the impression the mouse pointer has a mind of it's own, does anyone actually use that setting? lol

Does the Sota work well with the mouse? Does it wear down the mouse feet at all? I'm looking for a new mouse pad for my Kone + because my SS 4HD wears down the mouse feet. I'm using a Roccat Sense which still works pretty well even though it's a cloth pad, but it's definitely not as good as the 4HD.

Your are definitely right about it having a mind of it's own. It really annoyed me that at high windows sensitivity, my MX518 was sooooo smoothe and the kone + was jittering all over the place. At my normal sensitivity it's not noticeable but I'm learning that you just have to lower the DPI and try to keep windows sensitivity in the middle.