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F1 2010 Black Screen issue

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I've been looking for this, a quick search on OCN didn't return anything either, so i was wondering if anyone has had this problem, alot of people have been compaining about bugs in the game, but it was 20 bucks on steam, and i love racing games, so i couldn't pass it up, i was changing my settings in game, to 1080p and textures at ultra, and the screen went black.

Things i've tried:

delete the steam files in steam, check the folder, delete remaining files, and redownload the game.

check file integrety, passes.

search google for the answer

search steam forms for the answer

search OCN for the answer

i'm disliking this because i've even found some problems and a way to reset video settings manually from the read me in the game files, but it didn't work, im guessing the steam cloud saved it? because i've redownloaded the whole 8 GB set of files, and nothing happened.

+rep and thanks for the help ahead of time if anyone knows.

ps: i should add the game worked fine for about an hour, then i tired changing the settings and thats when this happened.
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lol, right after this post i've figured out how to get the steam version of the game in safemode.

go to the game in your steam window, and right click, bring up the properties, go to "set launch options" and type in "-safemode" without the quotes, and hit ok, the game then should start in safe mode, i was able to recover my settings.

im about to restart the game without the -safemode, and see if it saved everything.
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