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Not quite simple

- Easy CPU overclock possible on "k" processors on air only (4.2ghz garantied!)
- Cant use integrated gpu
- Cant use new QuickSynch from integrated gpu so lower encoding/decoding performance
- Higher prices

- No CPU overclock (you can still OC memory and internal gpu a little)
- Can use integrated gpu
- Can use QuickSych so better encoding/decoding performance
- Lower price

The main thing here would be the use of QuickSynch or not. To generalize, QuickSynch encode and decode video and imaging data faster than ANY discrete video card, even the best out there. It helps with all sort of encoding/decoding (audio files, video, image editing...). A demo as been done with Lightroom in the Intel press conference.

To sum it up, if your are mainly a gamer, P67 will perform better with a really easy OC (one button press on many mobo!).

If you are a photographer or shooting lots of video and not too much on gaming, H67 with integrated gpu is the way to go. Remember that as soon as you put a graphic card in your H67 system, you will lose the decoding/encoding edge! (quicksynch only active if using integrated gpu)

In either cases, grab the 2500k CPU. Even if in a H67 mobo, the non "k" CPU have the "HD 2000" integrated GPU, the "k" edition have a more powerful "HD 3000" gpu. I know, strange move from Intel.

Hope it helps!
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But wait!! There's more! I just saw this article from Anandtech explaining a software that would enable you to use QuickSynch AND be enable to activate/deactivate a discrete graphic card in a H67 mobo! That is really early news so it has to be seen but it would permit to use QuickSynch AND and discrete video card together... and that only on H67 mobo! Keep in mind that you still cant OC the CPU on a H67 though... You sure you still want that P67 mobo again ?

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