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Im thinking that since its a brand new P/S and probably not a complete POS, as well as it being well past the wattage requirements needed for a single high-performance GPU system Im probably just going to go with the case, not add 4x2 more gigs of DDR2 1000 Gskill ram and just get a GTX 580 card or so. Seems to me that the prices of GPU's are not insanely expensive now that Ive waited 4 years.

The price of additional ram in a GPU setup seems to be about the same as when I originally bought the 8800gts 512mb for $220, so 1536mb of RAM for $550ish is about the same. Outside of RAM, what other good things does a 580 GTX or similar GPU come with I.E. more teraflops than my 8800GTS?