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noooo, stay away from ati when it comes to htpc. i`m not being an intel fanboy but really, if you want a good-good htpc its either atom or the celeron e3300, google it, its about as fast as a c2d and it only uses 20watts.

for the video card, hd5550(hd5450 will be grinding hard so get some headroom) or gt430, i lean on nvidia because they pass hdmi audio without connectors and they have the future 3d output.

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70$(ouch) termaltake lanbox(aint it cute?)

50$ celeron ftw(its a god**** c2d for crist sake, they just took out 2mb of cache)
reviews :
(ati seems to eat a buttload of power compared to intel, thats why i lean to it)

60$ motherboard(you can pick anything but i preffer those mobos that has ddr3, less power consumption and more headroom for OC, well, if you plan to)
(you have an option between ddr2 and ddr3 on this mobo.)

50-70$ GPU(its either these two and dont go below, because you`d suffer when playing high-res and with those eye-candy enchancement, it doesnt hurt to give a headroom but it freakin hurts when you put overkill parts on it. ex: gtx570) or

46$ ram (2x2gb is more than enough)
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sums up to around 300$, tho lacks the blue-ray room and a couple of harddisks, if you change the case then you get it more cheaper.
this. who the heck said that cpu does the decoding? if the cpu does the decoding, what the heck does the gpu do? pixel arrangements?

that rig i linked can play cyrsis @ 1980, lowsettings(duhh) and walks with 25-40fps.

you can use your current proccessor instead of the celeron tho, but replace the motherboard with this that supports ddr3.