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Basically about 3-4 weeks ago, I made a post about fixing some issues for the 9800GX2's which I had. I fix computers in behalf of clients which has been working out for myself and I usually fix cards such as the 9800GX2's and such. Cards which can't be RMA and such, so that's my job.

I have fixed a hell load of these cards, most of the times the computers are fine and just needs to be reformatted, cloned, motherboard fix or replacement of parts, but I do sometimes have to fix the graphics cards.

From about 13 Bakes via the Self Bake method, I have successfully fixed 12 of the cards while this last one, has been semi fixed but another issue arrives which I don't believe is a bake fix.

Basically when I put the DVI in the Primary Video Output "One with Blue Light" it refuses to turn on any video output, thou if I put it on the Top one, just with a normal green light, after it loads up Windows "without any video input" the monitor video turns on and see's a "Welcome" by XP.

I just need to change the display res and it seems to work perfectly fine, can play games, anything. Thou I can't declare the Graphics card fixed, simply because it isn't, you can't see the BIOS or stuff like that, so what really is the issue.

Is it the BIOS? It doesn't understand that the Video Output should work, is the Input broke? Well I can put it in and it seems ok, doesn't seem to be broken.

I really don't have a clue what the issue is but I can tell you, baking it has semi fixed it, as at least now, I get some sort of picture and a blue light at least comes on.

Hope someone can help.