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Need advice for my pc+led tv, 5000$ budged limit!

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This is what i ordered for a web page from romania:
5000$USD ~ 15000RON the local currency

Cant. Produs Total cu TVA

1x Placa de baza Asus CROSSHAIR-IV-EXTR, Socket AM3 1299 RON

1x Procesor AMD Phenom II 1100T Six Core, 3300MHz, 9MB, socket AM3, Black Edition 1099 RON

1x Placa video Sapphire Radeon HD6970, 2048MB, DDR5, DVI, HDMI, PCI-E 1699 RON

2x Kit memorie TeamGroup Xtreem 4GB (2x2GB), DDR3, 1600Mhz, 7-7-7-21 598 RON

1x DVD Writer Teac DV-W524GS-000, SATA, Negru, Bulk 126.99 RON

1x DVD Writer Samsung SH-S223L/RSMS, SATA, Retail 109.99 RON

1x Televizor LCD Sony, 117cm, FullHD, KDL-46 EX710 5169.99 RON

1x Monitor LED Samsung 23'', Wide, Full HD, DVI, BX2335 899 RON

1x HDD Western Digital 1TB, 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA3 369 RON

1x Sursa Enermax 850W, Seria Revolution 85+ 1069.99 RON

1x Carcasa CM Storm Sniper Black - AMD Dragon Edition, Micro-ATX/ATX/E-ATX, Neagra 934.99 RON

1x Cooler Procesor DeepCool Killer Whale Premium DP-KILLERWP 264.99 RON

1x Surge protector Belkin 7 prize 3M-cablu TEL/AV/RJ45 240JLS 90KA 167.99 RON

1x Solutie pentru curatat si purificat procesoarele Arctic Silver, ArctiClean 2 x 30ml 39.99 RON

1x Pasta termica Artic Cooling MX-3 43.99 RON

1x Solid-State-Disk (SSD) Corsair 60GB, SATA2 499 RON

And i want to make up my mind in the next 3 days.
In the near future i will change the RAM at 2133 Mhz, but now are very expensive and buy a second VGA to crossfire and 2-3 SSDs(bigger and faster).

I need the pc to watch HD movies, listen to music and surf web.... but not very much these days, so i don't need extreme performance, but because i was a gamer(and I still am, but time is limited in life), i'm willing to invest money in it.
And water cooing also when i'll change ram, add vga and ssds.

Awaiting advices
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Looks like a great build, though I'm not too sure about the price perfromance... it's definitely not the greatest if this was purchased in America. You probably really don't need 2133Mhz RAM for now.
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So? No1 can give me some useful advices?
this is the site i ordered : http://www.emag.ro
shipping is free
maybe someone comes with a better system
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